morning walks

morning walks

somedays, i go for solitary walks in the morning
the winter garden is faded with fog
and the wind among the branches
of the wayside trees is solemn and still

i walk barefoot on the dew-bathed grass
and listen to the birds of the morning sing
i pluck jasmine flowers for my mandir
and gather fallen leaves that look like butterfly wings

in the distance, a lady feeds stale rotis to a street dog
the sun slowly rises on the horizon
blushing my face with its warmth

i gather my thoughts, made fragrant
with the flitting sweetness of flowers
and meditate on the moving shapes of clouds in the sky

on my way back, i shyly smile at passing strangers
hoping to pass on my joy as a gift
and their smile in response makes this world a beautiful place

when i return home, i’m greeted to excited squeals from my baby
and a beautiful handwritten letter from my soulmate
the feeling that surges inside me
turns into a quiet song deepened with love


  1. I dream to live in these beautiful little details.. Really mere reading this morning makes me feel immense happiness as though I am right there watching you experience it.. Soon with you around(mentally) I will surely learn to live life in these simple moments of ecstasy..

    1. thank you for sharing these sweet thoughts.
      let's hope to take many beautiful walks together someday
      hand-in-hand and smiling in our hearts


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -