crescent moon birth of a mother

crescent moon  birth of a mother

it is not something that i grew into instantly, neither the moment i learnt i was pregnant nor the day i birthed my daughter. but i do believe that as a women, i was born a mother. it lay pervading inside me through my young years, shaping me and making me capable of bringing a new life into this world.

at midnight, that day in the hospital, when my eyes opened to our little miracle, i don't remember motherhood mightily rushing through my veins. there was the feeling of love and pride mingled with a sense of unfamiliarity and incredible pain. as the days passed, physically tender and emotionally sapling-like, i pushed through my strength each day and grew, along my baby. instead of feeling it erupt like a volcano, i slowly found the sacredness of motherhood and its accompanying wisdom between the folds of the blanket i pulled over my daughter’s tiny form every day and night. in learning to massage and bathe her fragile body. through months of feeling lost in the fog. in composing her lullabies. through sharing our breaths. in the evening lamps that glowed with my gratitude. by being physically and emotionally tied together. and through feeling.

motherhood is idealised by the world, but know that it is not. it is a prayer we make of our everyday service for our children. over these years, i've deepened and evolved manifolds, distilling my intentions and rebirthing nuances of my life. i feel more present, serene, although still imperfect and flawed but truthful to myself.

being a mother can have unique heart-meanings to each mother. let your meaning find you. embrace it's flow. listen to your silences and allow your child to become your lantern, in lighting the path to yourself.

each of us will journey through motherhood differently, but finally meet at love.

. . .

tell me your dreams of motherhood. is there a sense of faith or a feeling of overwhelm for what it might bring? and to mothers, do you feel you’ve know yourself better since becoming a mother?

. . .

CRESCENT MOON, is where i hope to share my mothering journey and seek wisdom from yours. please do join the conversation.


  1. I was born a mother more than eleven years ago. The fog never lifts entirely. Every bend in the path of mothering brings with it new understanding and priceless moments of love and little nuggets of wisdom.

    1. eleven years... of abundant love and learning,
      must have shaped you wisely.
      your words reflect it well.
      thank you shilpa for joining me here.
      its wonderful to share with each other.

  2. The little details of your journey have always helped me through my very own.. This journey, I believe, has begun virtually.. Soon to come my way.. I appreciate your thought of sharing this miraculous experience and holding hands ofr armature souls like me, through this journey to ourselves.. Presently you are my lantern..

    1. thank you for these kind words.
      many blessings and wishes for the magic, to happen.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -