sāttvika moving into a new house

home. it means so many things to all of us.

for those who call one place home all their life, what a deeply rooted epic manifests. and for us others making home in many places, life becomes a story written by the same heart, sown over many chapters.

after moving house over half a dozen times throughout my life, to me home is inside myself, in the breath between my loved ones and me, and wherever life plants me outside of myself. having said that, I crave white walls, light, wind and a scene of nature outside my window. anything and everything else I hope to learn my way around. when we moved into this house, we were delighted to receive so much through it. and strived to accept a few others. it's taken me years of moving and growing to come to a place in me, where I've learnt to respect what a house can offer instead of lamenting on what it cannot.

my wishes and needs for my home may not be the same as yours, but whatever they are, some of them will remain unfulfilled. as in a relationship, with a house too, move in and make home slowly. allow what isn't to take you more closer to what is. don't rush to fill up its walls and corners. live in it a while and let its bare-ness give you a chance to understand it. don't be lured into recreating someone else’s home in yours, even if its tempting to. in a time overborne with interior trends and designer products, its fine to bring home the same furniture, intention and wildflowers as others but making home, by only being inspired and not imitative, distinguishes our story and makes it our own.

every time we begin to live in a new house or continue to grow within the age-old walls of a forever home, seeking its soul leads to finding ours.
one shaft of a late afternoon sun,
one flying curtain,
one feather gift found in the balcony,
at a time. 

. . .


  1. i love these thoughts on home - what 'home' is and could be, and it's made me ponder ~
    perhaps life is a searching, to finally find what is 'home' to us. a coming home within ourselves, and a finding of our home in the external. then maybe when we find home it can truly be a Being.
    nice morning thoughts, thank you :)

  2. To find home inside myself is the biggest gift of the last two years. It' s like peace and freedom at the same time. And love.

    You find beautiful, wise words, Dear. Thank you. Wish you and your family a happy time in your new house.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -