in my love and his light

in my love and his light

i was sitting in my balcony
as the evening sun sang his last song
to the sky and the hills, to himself and to me
in tunes of steel, mauve, crimson and gold.
even the wind seemed to quieten in reverence.
as i kept gazing, his song became mine too.
and so we sang.
with our silent and saying eyes.

then the stars came, one by one
gently reminding us of the dwindling dusk.
it was time for the sun to leave
and the evening to end.
but our gaze deepened
turning our tune to charcoal and longing.
with each note, we willed, and became the night.
unseen and inseparable.

. . .

tuesday evening
the twenty fifth


  1. Beautiful words.
    Such depth.
    Colourful images
    coming up
    in my mind
    with the leaving sun.

    Thank you.
    (at the 25th, last Tuesday,
    was the birthday of our Youngest:
    she is 12 years old, now.
    Beautiful and a little bit sad...)

    1. dear ariane,
      thank you for the gift of your time, and these warming words.
      it's lovely having you join me as we gaze at sunsets,
      afar in the sky or inside our minds.

      wishing your twelve year old (how do those years flow?)
      a life awash with love and it's magic.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -