these days

these days

i sit on a garden step,
and watch a freshly bathed saanjh
blissfully dust sand all over herself.
a swallow tatse a ripe jamaican cherry
and flit over the garden hedge.
we bring home a basketfull of fallen butterfly-wing leaves
to weave along our dried mogra festoon.

in the kitchen,
i prayerfully stir milk to make kulfi (traditional indian frozen dessert)
and find domestic poetry
in the drying of melon seeds and curry leaves.

between doing and sleep,
i meet these kindred words
and preserve them in my mind.
relearn a forgotten lesson of love
and slowly begin to gather
my thoughts and our things;
for far from here,
a new house, a new city and a new chapter await.

. . .

friday, noontide
the eleventh


  1. i am sure you will make the move a prayer, a poem. you do everything so beautifully. all the best with the newness :-)

  2. these words... like wildflowers by the road, brighten this journey, this transition.
    and thank you kindly for the wishes. they are much needed and appreciated.

    dear sarah,
    may your heart always remain special.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -