everydays and new rituals

everydays and new rituals

spring clouds are gathering in the sky, with the oath of rain
a lone crow is cawing outside our window
and the afternoon is heavy with construction noise from nearby.
still, a sense of quiet pervades.

i’m pausing from work to sit with it.

it feels like spring in our life too,
as we grow roots in this new house and new city.
slowly, we’re returning to our everyday
and our new house is benignly becoming us,
quilting with our movements and sounds.

over the weekend, we rode into the road outside our premise
that passes through the hills
with wild grass lining the hillside, in abundance
and so much botanical poetry waiting to be felt.
we brought home a few verses
as souvenir of our inaugural visit
to, perhaps, a new sunday morning ritual.

. . .

wednesday, noontide
the twentieth

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let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -