crescent moon offering my natural-self

crescent moon  offering my natural-self

i'm earth. rooted to my thoughts, home and heart. i don't seek to see the world through travelling. i'm happy to voyage within myself, lift my gaze up to the ever-inviting sky and grow where i'm planted.
saanjh is water, like her papa, with a whiff of zephyr (and i believe, a dusting of my earth). her nature is to flow.

we diverge in a thousand way. which perhaps seems like an invitation to many folks around us to stress and continually oblige us to become like the other. more often, i'm urged (with all good intention) ‘to not raise her to become like me’. essentially because i love white and she loves colours, i love quiet and she loves vibrancy.

but as her mother, my soul intention is to raise her to love, whatever she may choose to love. and i can only foster that love through a language that i know how to speak. i cannot help her to fulfill her destiny as water by trying become water myself. i can only do it by offering my natural-self to her. even if it means that my offerings are quite limited as i simply walk her into my worship for nature, show her how to make with my hands and make the most of white which i do not know how to of an orange or blue (beautiful as they are), acquaint her with the blessing of quiet and instill her with a sense of respect for everyone including non-living things.

i'm learning to see motherhood as an intimate narration of my love story. the everyday telling of what i love and how i love.

and praying that life will nourish her with the rest.

. . .

tuesday, noontide
the tenth


  1. thank you for this
    such beautiful wisdom
    and so true -
    you have gifted something very special here
    thank you again <3
    you remind me every time i come here
    that it is possible to be quiet,
    to hold the quiet safe.

    1. thank you kindly for these touching words.
      there's so much i learn from you, dear sarah
      your sageness is truly a blessing

  2. In September, I will become an empty-nest mama as my daughter stretches wings (her brother flew 2 years ago). They're both following their dreams at university (he in Psychology, she in Architecture). I am SO totally proud of them and their free-thinking independence, but oh how my heart ACHES!
    Treasure every moment, I keep telling myself...
    Thank you for your words, and your lovely space - I followed Sarah's lead :) x

    1. love, pride, nostalgia, what an incredible blend of emotions it must be.
      congratulations on both your beautifully blossoming, flying children, claire.
      and a warm welcome!

  3. What utter loveliness, this place, your words. Thank you.

    1. thank you for these kind kind words.
      welcome and lovely day to you :)

  4. how lovely thoughts! I am sure you are a wonderful mother.

    1. you are too kind, dear pratiksha. thank you
      i don't think i am, but i dream to be a most loving and liberating mother.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -