white heat

white heat

i’m awake before the sun.
rain is meditating in the pre-dawn gloom
and the trees are still asleep in earth’s ardent arms.
from somewhere in the distance, a peacock calls
anointing the silence
like bells interspersing in a quiet temple.
the world feels intimate offering itself to me.
as i take in,
with each breath, i’m filling with the perfume of dawn.

and my mind begins to whirl, anew.

these days i’m constantly travelling
through the mountains, terrains and oceans of untold emotions.
meeting people who leave a part of them in me,
stirring and shifting my thoughts as i make space for them.

i spin and spin.
becoming another version of myself.
uncontained, i spill. into words.
words that are mostly fragments, making no sense.
but they set ablaze my morning sky with their white heat.

outside, the birds have begun to offer their salutations to the rising light.

. . .

tuesday, pre-dawn
the thirtieth


  1. (i wish i was just like you)

    1. feeling deeply honored taking in these words
      but very sincerely you're too beautiful and kindhearted to be anyone else.

      since our knowing, your essence has wafted into my soul untold times in untold ways.

      love and namasthe to you

  2. . . . Absorbing your perspective, your words, they have medicinal properties that heal the soul ..

    1. thank you for always being so generous with your words and love for me.
      living these moments are medicinal for me, and it's pure joy to find it reflected in you too.

      embracing your soulfulness.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -