reading tagore by the window

reading tagore by the window

the more time you spend in nature, the more you realize every day that there is no greater or more beautiful thing than to be able to accomplish one’s everyday work with simplicity. everything, from grass on the field to the stars in the sky are doing precisely that; they're not trying to aggressively take over domains that are not their own, that's why nature is full of such deep peace and endless beauty. yet the little bit that each does is not negligible amount at all. the grass expends all its energy to survive as grass. it is not trying in vain to exceed its own strength to become a banyan tree, that's why the world is so beautiful and green. really, it's not because of large schemes and boastful talk, but because human beings fulfill  their small duties on a daily basis that human society has its share of ordered beauty and peace. whether it is poetry or bravery, none of these is complete in itself.

rabindranath tagore

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let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -