these days

these days

we wake up in the morning to bird hymns
dulcet sunshine singing over hilltops
and a balmy wind softly stirring the world awake.

clouds are scribbled all over the sky
sometimes fleecy white wafting towards the distant blue
other times, painted gray and wistfully lingering
like a scene from my favorite movie, only yesterday.
we watch enthralled it's moving shadow gliding over hills.

during lunch, we tell stories. saanjh and i.
i narrate scenes from my own childhood
of gathering amrud (guava), mulberries and star gooseberries from a friend’s aangan (courtyard),
of borrowing a little blue cycle from the neighbourhood shop and riding a riot through the streets,
of helping a school teacher’s gardener (maali-kaka) in their beautiful garden.
in return, saanjh narrates her own sweet compositions
of a fairy loosing her star on a country road,
finding it and loosing it again
only to find it back finally when a helping cow fetches it for her.
(the specialness being, she’s never been told a fairy story. so it's truly self-woven).

post lunch, we stand by our bedroom window
with curtains and screen slid open, gazing at the afternoon outside
squirrels chasing each other, mynahs perched on khair branches,
a brown rabbit timidly hopping between rocks and foliage
some local boys plucking raw mangoes, a flock of pigeons dancing in the air
and often, pointing at imaginary animals.

come evening, we await and celebrate papa’s return from office
have dinner in our balcony, under the magic of stars and fairylights
while the fragrant song of mogras and a playful west wind plays on.

. . .

tuesday noontide
the thirty first


  1. this is so beautiful. and I truly love saanjh's story.

    1. thank you, there's so much beauty in everything that she makes up.
      lately she been singing a song of her own composition that goes...

      'i don't know if
      we will meet or not, in dreams
      during our comings and goings from the church
      just walking and eating all day'.

      and we haven't visited a church for over a year now :)

  2. You seem to have reached my dreamland.. So pleasant and so magical! Saanjh's story is such a beautiful reflection of our innocent imaginative soul.. I hope she be blessed with peace and kindness.. Wish you everything that you dream of

    1. there's so much to be desired in our new home's surroundings, you'll see when you visit us.
      but we choose to love and be thankful for what we have.
      thank you for your kind words for saanjh and your wishes.
      blessings to you too.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -