this time, last year

this time, last year

i remember this time, last year
when the full moon of vaiśākha bloomed in the spring sky
and you were by our side.

sometimes i think how i’ve learnt to live in your absence
i think of death. and how it’s married to life.
i’ve felt how when it seeks kindly, submission can be unmiserable.
it sought you kindly. at the end of a beautiful life.
perhaps why, i haven't mourned you.
i don't miss you sadly. i just miss you.
i’ve come to know how death can be a different kind of friend from life.
whenever it may come into our lives, i ask for it to come like a friend,
whom i can embrace with peace and let nudge me close to life.
i pray for its kindness always, as i pray for life’s.

some other times i’m engulfed by death’s surrealness,
a thousand questions and its divine power.
how small and incapable we are in its wake.
my soul bows to it and once again asks for its kindness.


in the evening, saanjh and i burnt incense
and offered our obeisance to buddha
i told her of his birth, and how his reverence for peace
makes him mine and her nana’s spirit god.
later, as we stood admiring the full moon,
i hoped, at that very moment it was blessing upon you too, wherever you may be.

. . .

saturday nightfall
the twenty first


  1. Your wisdom is a gift.. and your words always leave me calm; my heart beats at a slower, much relaxed pace then.. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts.. .

    1. you are too kind, thank you.
      i'm just listening to life deeply.


let my thoughts come to you
when I am gone
like the afterglow of sunset
at the margin of starry silence
- rabindranath tagore -